As you may or may not be aware, I am a moderator on the Bytes Technology Forums, overseeing classic ASP forums but kicking around other areas like HTML/CSS, JavaScript/AJAX, SQL Server, Access, and .NET forums - basically a bit of a jack-of-all trades.

Recently the mod team has been discussing a desktop assistant for drafting and composing posts from a background app that sits dormant in your status bar until you decide you want to use it.

My online colleague insertAlias (aka Curtis) has just finished the first feature release which can be downloaded from the project repository on CodePlex.

I've installed it successfully on my Vista Business laptop and it seems pretty cool. I like the way it minimises to the taskbar, although it only comes pre-shipped with one template for the Bytes forum. I do like, however, the option of multiple forums - as a member of various other online geek-hubs this is very handy!

The next release might incorporate a web service to download favourite templates from the Bytes site using an authenticated web service, but this is to be ironed out amongst the Bytes moderators.

Watch this space!